VISION54 Human Skills of the Game

Team MYGAME Training Digital Bundle

  • $ 500.00

College, National, High School, and Junior Academies

Be a coach of the Human Skills today and give the Super Golfers of the future a more complete set of skills to reach their goals.

The digital bundle includes:

  • Possibiliting 2.0 – a tool to get clarity around your purpose for playing the game.
  • Human Skills for Players 1-4 – four training plans with sessions taking 15-20 minutes to complete – ideal to integrate into current practice plans and super additions to team practices
  • On Course Practice Plans 1.0 – twelve 9-hole practice plans: Awareness & Performance Routine
  • On Course Practice Plans 2.0 – twelve 9-hole practice plans: Between Shot Management & Variability
  • MYGAME Enrollment Key to the Complete Curriculum, covering all nine Human Skills

Educational materials to send to your students:

  • The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals – article introducing the key concepts around the Human Skills of the game and how they impact your performance state
  • The VISION54 Human Skills of the Game – a summary resource defining each of the nine Human Skills

    **Please note: the digital downloads will be delivered as a compressed .zip file. MYGAME enrollment keys will be fulfilled separately.

    Special Pricing expires: 1/31/18

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