Practice Card Game #1 – Upgrade Only

Practice Card Game #1 – Upgrade Only

  • $ 5.00


If you already own the original Practice Card Game deck, this upgrade includes the NEW Tension category (12 cards) to upgrade your current deck.

The Practice Card Game was created to make your practice fun, creative and variable. Seven different shot categories, each containing specific shots for:

  • Tempo
  • Trajectory
  • Balance
  • Club Selection
  • Creativity Shots
  • NEW! Tension

You can mix up your practice either through specific selections targeted at what you would like to work on, or through random selections. You can select one or multiple categories, and within those categories select what you would like to work on and use the cards to provide the practice shots. The possibilities are endless.

*To purchase the original Practice Card Game, which includes this upgrade, click here.

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