VISION54 Human Skills of the Game

Coaches / Teachers Starting Digital Bundle

  • $ 1,500.00

An action plan and digital bundle, based on our virtual golf school MYGAME, to integrate the Human Skills for playing the game into your support for your golfers. Best used individually or in small groups (3-4 players).

The digital bundle includes:

  • Coaching Package Introduction & Action Plan
  • Possibiliting 1.0 (10-page PDF) – a tool to get clarity around your purpose for playing the game.
  • 4 MYGAME Enrollment Keys to the Complete Curriculum, covering all nine Human Skills
  • Series Combo Training – on course 9-hole training sessions, one for each Series in MYGAME: Signature Swing, Performance Routine, and Best You

Educational materials to send to your students:

  • Be A Player Training Invitation – template for inviting students to attend
  • The Human Skills – The Hidden Fundamentals – article introducing the key concepts around the Human Skills of the game and how they impact your performance state
  • The VISION54 Human Skills of the Game – a summary resource defining each of the nine Human Skills

    **Please note: the digital downloads will be delivered as a compressed .zip file. MYGAME enrollment keys will be fulfilled separately.

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