54 Drills for Skills

Drills for Skills

  • $ 15.00

54 practice plans, 30 minute sessions

The Drills for Skills is an invaluable and fun tool for every practice session. No pocket or bag should be without one. By doing any or all of the Drills for Skills, you will make your time practicing productive and enjoyable.

The Drills for Skills is made up of 54 practice plans that you can use to complement your current practice. All of the drills focus on Essential Playing Skills that are critical for great performance on the golf course.

As you go through each of the drills, make notes in your book about what works for you, insights you have, or any other important things you need to be aware of so you can reference it during future practice sessions.

If you continue what you are doing with your technical practice and physical fitness, and then add some Drills for Skills, you will have a good integrated template to become a better player of the game. Remember, what you practice you get good at!

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